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The Good Luck Charm

MeAndMichaelWilbon - Copy.jpg

Since taking this photo with me, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has went from a defensive player of the year candidate to the defensive player of the year in 2017, added two more Larry O'Brien trophies to his resume and even became a father!  


In July 2017, I entered the Jordan Spieth interactive booth at the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm in Maryland.  Three weeks after I stepped foot in his booth and left a dose of my magic, Spieth won the Open Championship.  


Former NBA player David West entered the league in 2003.  He took this picture with me in January 2017 and won two consecutive rings.  Now just imagine how many rings he would've won had he taken a picture with me earlier in his career.  


Oh my nephew Gracen is not exempt from my good luck charms either.  We took this picture together at a baseball game on Saturday, May 5, 2018 (my birthday weekend).  He started walking that Monday, May 7.  Pardon my brother for being creepy in the background.  

Since taking a picture with me, Tony Kornheiser has been inducted into the Washington DC Sports Hall of Fame.  He's also won his 2nd Emmy with "PTI" for Outstanding Studio Show.  He'll also be featured on the documentary What Does DC Stand For? with WTF Too's own LaTasha Miles.    

Since taking this picture with me, Micheal Wilbon of ESPN's PTI  has earned his second Emmy for Outstanding Studio Show.  He'll also be featured on the documentary What Does DC Stand For? with WTF Too's own LaTasha Miles.  


Since taking a picture with me, award-winning sportswriter and lead host of The Starting Lineup,  Frank Isola has went on a hot streak and adding wins to his tally on ESPN's Around the Horn.  *NOTICE: He also has a copy of my book When Football Season Turns You Into His Side Chick" in his hand.  And so should you.  Order yours today at  Thanks!  

A couple of weeks after losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins again in the NHL playoffs, I visited the Washington Capitals facility.  Since stopping by, the very next season, the Caps not only avenged their playoffs loss the Pens, they also won their very own Stanley Cup.  Their first in franchise history. 

It wasn't until wide receiver Jamison Crowder of the Washington Redskins, took this picture with me that he earned an average of 100 yards for a consecutive four games in his NFL career. 


After taking this picture with me in October 2017, my fellow Taurus, the gorgeous Quad Webb-Lunceford AKA: Quad The God returned to Married to Medicine for season six.  Her co-hosting role on Sister Circle Live was also renewed for a second season.  


TNT's very own Ernie Johnson won an Emmy after taking this picture with yours truly.   Continue to rest in paradise Craig Sager! 

Shortly after taking this picture with me,     R & B singer and songwriter Ro James was nominated for a Grammy and invited to perform at the Soul Train Awards.   

Terin and I worked together in NC from 2003 until 2005.  We never got a picture together.  He moved to Atlanta.  We reconnected on social media.  After my TV apperance on Sister Circle Live in October 2017, I hung out with him and we watched the Redskins and Eagles Monday Night Football game and took a picture together.  That February 2018, his beloved Eagles won their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.  Just imagine how many Super Bowls, I could've helped his team win had we taken a picture sooner.  

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